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  • ATP Science 3...

    ATP Science 3 Pillars of Health

    On sale!

  • ATP 2 Pillars of...

    ATP 2 Pillars of Health

    On sale!

  • Gutright Daily

    Gutright Daily

    GUTRIGHT Daily is a great tasting Modbiotic formulation made from groups of natural polyphenols.


  • Gutright


    Modbiotic is a complex of polyphenols, polysaccharides, glucans, lectins and other compounds that modulate microbes toward an anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity profile through combinations of antibacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic actions that reduce excessive firmicutes and increase deficient bacteroidetes.


  • Adrenal Reset -...

    Adrenal Reset - Mocha

    Premium Decaffeinated Colombian Coffee infused with Magnesium, Zinc, Curcumin, Ashwagandha, Valerian Root Extract, L-Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea and Cell Charge™.


  • Tendoforte®...

    The new Collagen Peptide from Body Science is here!

    On sale!

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  • Clean Vegan Protein

    Clean Vegan Protein

    A deliciously clean plant-based protein to nourish your body, boost your inner wellness and support your active lifestyle the vegan way. Naturally sweetened and gluten free, with no added sugars, artificial colours or flavours, and no gums or other fillers. Just a pure protein your body will love.   


  • Clean Biotic

    A happy gut is essential for overall well-being. Give your gut some support with this all-natural blend of prebiotic fibre and digestive enzymes. Feel healthier from the inside out.


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  • Clean Coffee TX100

    Just like coffee – only 100 times better. It’s coffee done smarter…Supercharged with brain, mood, metabolism, performance and gut boosting ingredients for a life less complicated. Get the most out of your day - every day - with Clean Coffee TX100.


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  • Clean Tea TX100

    On sale!

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  • CB2 OIL 30ML

    CB2 OIL 30ML

    This product has terpenes, including B-myrcene, B-Caryophyllene and unrestricted cannabinoids. - Scientifically Formulated - Improve immune function  - Increases energy - Promote sleep



    Key Minerals: Essential Minerals Two of the best known minerals, calcium and magnesium, with three important trace minerals, boron, iodine, and molybdenum, to support total body health.†


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  • ViruTech

    A vitamin and mineral complex formulated to help support the body's immune system.†


  • Alpha BRAIN® Instant

    Alpha BRAIN® Instant is a dietary supplement that helps support cognitive functions, including memory, mental speed, and focus.†   Benefits Supports memory† Promotes focus† Aids mental processing †


  • Alpha BRAIN®

    Gold Standard BCAA

    Benefits Supports memory† Promotes focus† Aids mental processing † Helps with flow state (the feeling of being “in the zone”)† Caffeine free


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      Designed to help the body with building bone strength and structural integrity.